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Sonoma-Lake-Mendocino County Libraries' New Books on CD -- Childrens

The blossoming universe of Violet Diamond [sound recording] /
Woods, Brenda A biracial girl finally gets the chance to meet the African American side of her family. 4 sound discs (4 hr, 30 min)

A boy and a jaguar [sound recording] /
Rabinowitz, Alan, 1 sound disc (15 min)

Breakaway [sound recording] /
Hirsch, Jeff. 4 sound discs (4 hr., 41 min.)

The Chicken Squad. The first misadventure [sound recording] /
Cronin, Doreen When the squirrel Tail comes barreling into the chicken coop ranting about a round, shiny, green, big, scary thing in the yard, Dirt, Sweetie, Poppy, and Sugar investigate this strange object. 1 sound disc (30 min)

Curse of the ancients [sound recording] /
de la Pena, Matt. 4 sound discs (4 hr., 12 min.)

EllRay Jakes is a rock star! [sound recording] /
Warner, Sally, Eight-year-old EllRay Jakes decides to "borrow" his father's crystals to impress his classmates, but his plan to return the crystals before his father notices goes awry. 2 sound discs (2 hr)

Half a chance [sound recording] /
Lord, Cynthia 4 sound discs (4 hr, 45 min)

Have you seen my new blue socks? [sound recording] /
Bunting, Eve, The reader is invited to help Duck and his animal friends find a missing item. 1 sound disc (15 min)

The last wild [sound recording] /
Torday, Piers, Twelve-year-old Kester Jaynes, who has been locked away at a school for troubled children, is called upon to save the last animals living in a post-apocalyptic world where disease has killed most living things. 7 sound discs (7 hr, 45 min)

The Loch Mess monster [sound recording] /
Lester, Helen Angus, a very messy monster who lives with his parents in Loch Ness, learns an important lesson about picking up after himself. 1 sound disc (15 min)

The map trap [sound recording] /
Clements, Andrew. 2 sound discs (150 min.)

Save Rafe! [sound recording] /
Patterson, James, 4 sound discs (240 min.)

Seeing red [sound recording] /
Erskine, Kathryn 8 sound discs (10 hr)

Timeless tales of Beatrix Potter [sound recording] : Peter Rabbit and friends /
Potter, Beatrix, 3 sound discs (3.5 hr.)

West of the moon [sound recording] /
Preus, Margi In nineteenth-century Norway, fourteen-year-old Astri, whose aunt has sold her to a mean goatherder, dreams of joining her father in America. 4 sound discs (4 hr, 30 min)